Construction temporary heat, forklift motor fuel, and asphalt heating; these are only a few examples of how propane plays a key role with industrial businesses. Propane allows these businesses to operate in remote areas keeping separation between the industry and population. Bringing the propane storage tanks to them allows the business to stay running. Propane is so versatile it is hard for industrial companies to say no.

  • Vehicle Fleet Conversion
  • Forklift Refueling
  • Temporary Construction Heat
  • Office Heating
  • Warehouse Heating
  • Manufacturing and Process Equipment


Free Switchout

Leasing a tank from another company. Have no worries, VanderYacht propane will switch your old tank out for a new one free of charge. We will also transfer any remaining propane in the tank to your new one. Once finished, a simple call to the previous company and they will come to pick up the old tank. Start saving today and get your tank swapped out.

Various Sizes

We have tanks that range from 120 gallons all the way up to 1000 gallons of on-site fuel storage. Click the button below to see a list of what we offer!


Remote Monitoring

We will install a wireless remote monitor onto your tank. This monitor will then send signals to our office letting us know when to deliver. Eliminating truck traffic and optimizing deliveries!

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