How To Read a Gauge


Do You Know How To Read The Gauge On Your Propane Tank?

The gauge is typically located on the top of the tank underneath the black lid. Once you locate the gauge you notice numbers surrounding the edge of the dial, and a needle that points to these numbers. The numbers represent the percentage of liquid propane remaining in the tank, similar to reading the gas gauge in your car. The propane tank is considered full at 80%, this gives the tank room for propane vapor and allows the necessary room for the liquid to expand. If you notice that your gauge is nearing 30% or falls below, please call VanderYacht Propane at                          1 (888)-557-6778 or (360)-398-1233 to schedule a fill in a timely manner.

Below is a straight forward chart to help you understand how much propane you have in your tank based off the percentage reading off your gauge.